About Us

Welcome to Gamersrights (www.gamersrights.org), the ultimate destination for all gamers to get all the information and guides they need to know about Gaming as a whole.  We work hard to ensure that we make you as informed as possible about your gaming rights, different aspects of gaming and even review some gaming products and services that are the best in the market. This helps you make informed decisions on gaming issues.

Gamersrights was founded in 2019 Summer In New York City.  Over time, we have grown to gain gamers trust on all aspects in this field. Through our intensive research and experience, we have gathered resourceful material for our users.

Our team is comprised of seasoned researchers with vast knowledge in this field. They produce high quality content to help you make informed decisions.

As part of our tradition we always engage us and our team will respond to your queries and suggestions in the shortest time possible.  You are also invited to write for us any time you feel you have knowledge to share.

I hope that this website will offer you the much-needed help and any information that concerns gaming as a whole.

You can reach us using the following email address: help@gamersrights.org