Can Casino Security Detain You?

Can Casino Security Detain You?

You wouldn’t think there would be many security restrictions in a casino, but there are. You also wouldn’t expect to get detained by casino security, but it happens all the time.

If you’re wondering if casino security can detain you and what your rights are if this happens to you, read on. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about being detained by casino security and what your rights are if this happens to you.

Can Casino Security Detain You? A casino security guard may stop and detain a person if they notice the person acting suspiciously.

What is Casino Security?

Casino security is the security department at a casino or gambling establishment. Casino security personnel have diverse duties, including controlling access to the facility, preventing criminal activity, detecting cheaters at games, counting cards, and providing first aid.

Casino security is a very specialized field, and those who work in this field have very specific training. Hiring security for a casino is very different from creating a general security plan for an office building or an apartment complex.

Casinos have vastly different security concerns from other venues because of the wide variety of people who are likely to visit casinos. Casinos are a very special environment in which security has to be on the lookout for many things.

They have to be concerned with patrons who may be pushing their luck too far and also those who may be cheating others out of their winnings.

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Can Casino Security detain you?

Does this sound a little scary? Don’t worry! Casino security may be able to detain you, but they don’t have the authority to arrest you. Casino security is there to protect the casino and its guests from theft and any other suspicious activity that may occur.

They can ask you to leave, but they cannot make you go against your will. They can, however, detain you for a short period of time while they check you for any weapons or contraband.

They also have the authority to search your belongings if a security alarm has been triggered, and they believe that you have something in your possession that is triggering the alarm.

If you are found to be in possession of contraband, such as drugs or firearms, casino security will call the authorities and have you removed from the premises.

You will be detained until the authorities can arrive or you can post bail.

Will You Be Detained Or Just Checked?

If you are detained, you may be asked to empty your pockets and accompany casino security to a private location where they can conduct a more thorough search of your person and belongings. Patrons are often detained if security personnel see you using an elevator or an escalator without appropriate authorization.

Typically, escalators are used only by employees and patrons with special needs. If you are observed on an escalator that is only for the use of employees, you may be detained. Casino security may also detain you if you are suspected of having a communicable disease such as a cold, flu, or swine flu.

Some casinos may detain people suspected of being drunk or under the influence of drugs. You can be detained for a period of time for observation. You could be asked by casino personnel to take a breathalyzer test to determine if you are under the influence of alcohol.

What You Can Expect If You’re Detained

You may be detained if casino security has any reason to believe that you are posing a threat to the safety or well-being of yourself or others. You will be asked to remain in a particular area of the casino and to refrain from interacting with other patrons.

You may have your identification checked, and you may be asked to sign a statement indicating that you are remaining in the area voluntarily. Casino security personnel do not have the authority to arrest you.

If you refuse to cooperate with casino security or you are suspected of posing a danger to others, casino security can call the police. Depending on the circumstances, you may be arrested and charged with disturbing the peace or trespassing.

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In some states, casino security has the authority to detain people against their will if they believe the person is in danger of harming themselves.

This is called a “temporary detention.” It’s essentially the same thing as an involuntary mental health commitment.

Which Casinos Can Hold and Detain You?

Any casino that is on your side of the border may detain you. There are laws governing casinos in the U.S. and Canada that allow them to hold and detain patrons who may be a threat to themselves or others. The law in the U.S. varies from state to state.

Similarly, Canadian casinos have their own version of laws that pertain to the casinos. For example, in Las Vegas, casinos are regulated by the city, and they are permitted to detain guests for a short amount of time while security investigates the situation.

In Atlantic City, New Jersey, casinos are regulated at the state level. Therefore, casinos have the authority to detain guests for a longer period of time while security personnel investigate the situation.

Why can’t casino security detain you?

Casinos cannot detain you if you are not on their property. Therefore, if you are on the street, or you are waiting in line to get into the casino, they do not have the authority to detain you. If you are in front of the casino and you are behaving suspiciously, they can call the police.

If you are in line waiting to get into the casino and you are behaving suspiciously, they cannot call the police because you are not on the property.

Similarly, if you are on the casino floor and you are behaving suspiciously, casino security can ask you to wait for the police to arrive. However, they cannot forcibly remove you from the casino because you are on their property.

Rules and Regulations

Casinos are private establishments that operate with a great deal of autonomy. Therefore, their rules and regulations vary widely. Some casinos allow smoking while others do not. Some casinos bar guests from bringing in their own food, while others permit it.

You may encounter many rules and regulations while visiting a casino. However, you are expected to adhere to them or face consequences. For example, if you are found to be cheating at a casino game, you may be asked to leave the premises.

If you are found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may be asked to leave. If you are caught stealing from the casino, you could face serious criminal charges.

While casinos have the right to formulate their own rules and regulations, there are laws that are designed to protect patrons from unfair and unsafe practices.

For example, minors are not permitted on casino floors. This rule is designed to protect them from being exposed to people who are gambling at tables and machines.

When Can Casino Security Stop You?

Casino security can detain you if they believe you are committing a crime.

This includes things like stealing from the casino, using counterfeit chips, and trespassing onto restricted areas of the casino.

What Are Your Rights When Detained by Casino Security?

If casino security decides to detain you, you have the right to know why. You also have the right not to be detained without a valid reason. Security officers can’t detain you just because they don’t like you or because they think you’re up to no good.

They need a good cause in order to do so. Security officers are allowed to “frisk” you if they suspect that you may be armed and dangerous, but only as long as they use the least amount of force necessary when doing so.

If casino security is questioning you and frisks you during your detention, it must be for a good cause and with the least amount of force possible. It’s illegal for authorities to frisk or search someone without their permission or without a warrant that authorizes them to do so.

Another thing security officers have the right to do is handcuff you if they think it will prevent a crime from happening or get yourself out of harm’s way while being questioned by authorities.

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It’s important that these handcuffs are applied correctly, though; tight enough so that blood circulation can continue but loose enough so that your hands aren’t too restricted.

It’s best not to resist this process even if it feels uncomfortable–you could end up hurting yourself more than helping yourself in these situations.

Can You Be Arrested By Casino Security?

Casino security does not have the same rights as law enforcement. For example, casino security can’t arrest you for simply trespassing on property. Casino security also cannot make an arrest without written confirmation from a police officer.

However, casino security can detain you for questioning and ask for your name and ID if you are suspected of committing a crime or violating the property rules. In most cases, casino security will only detain you until they call in a police officer to come to the scene to investigate.

Security may ask you to wait in a private area while they investigate the situation before taking further action with you.

How to Handle Being Detained by Casino Security

If you’re a casino regular, you may have talked to the security guards or seen them around. You probably think they’re there to protect the casino from criminals and keep it safe.

But, they can also detain you if they deem it necessary. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take if this happens to you. Let’s explore these steps in detail below.

What does casino security look for when detaining people?

Casino security can detain people if they believe the person is committing a crime. Crimes that could warrant casino security detaining you are cheating, theft, trespassing, and more. The issue with this is that casino employees do not have the power to arrest people if they’re not committing a crime in their presence.

So, casino security won’t detain you unless they see you committing one of those crimes in front of them. They may ask for your ID before detaining you and will tell you why they’re detaining you. If casino security asks for your ID and you refuse or say you don’t want to give it, it could lead to an arrest and interrogation.

They may also search your bags before detaining you. Casino security may detain someone who is not following rules too closely such as making excessive noise, drinking alcohol in public areas, or smoking inside buildings or outside within 15 feet of entrances and exits.

Casino security will typically tell the person about their safety concerns before detaining them which is helpful because these rules are posted everywhere in casinos to avoid any confusion on the guest’s part.

What are the signs that casino security will detain you?

Casino security can detain you in a variety of ways. They may tell you that you are trespassing, ask for your identification and refuse to let you back into the casino after leaving to get cash, not let you past the entrance even if you are already inside, or they may physically restrain you.

It’s important to know that the threat of being detained is enough to intimidate people from entering casinos, so some casinos will attempt this in order to deter people with criminal records from going inside.

How long can casino security detain you?

Casino security can detain you as long as they need to.

Security can detain you until they get a court order or if your gambling has been deemed suspicious and they want to investigate it.

Rights of Persons Detained by Casino Security

If you are detained by casino security, you have the right to know why. In order to detain you, casino security must be able to articulate their legal authority under the law. It is illegal for them to use unreasonable force or coercion in their detention and they cannot issue a ticket unless they’re authorized under the law.

Casino security officers may not stop a person based on an anonymous complaint. The one exception to this rule is if you’re found in an illegal gambling area of the casino, then they can detain you so that they can investigate further.

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If casino security doesn’t have any suspicion of wrongdoing and they still detain you without cause, then that detention is unlawful. You should also know that if casino security detains you in a public place, then it is unlawful for them to refuse your request for access to an attorney during your detention.

If casino security has reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is taking place, then they have the right to detain a person and search them after some basic questioning has been conducted in order for them to make sure that person isn’t armed or dangerous.

This is what we call a Terry Stop and it only applies when there are grounds for reasonable suspicion and not just because someone looks suspicious or strange.

Who Decides Whether to Detain or Release You?

Casinos are private property and security guards have the right to detain people if they fear for their safety. The goal of detention is to keep everyone safe and not violate anyone’s rights.

If a casino feels like you pose a threat to yourself or others, then they will most likely detain you until police arrive. The casino must release you when the police verify that you are not a threat to anyone.

If the casino detains you without cause, then you can sue them for false imprisonment.


What are the odds of being detained by casino security?

Casino security can detain you if they have reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a crime in the casino, are trespassing, or if you have outstanding warrants for your arrest. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department often has a presence at casinos to enforce state gambling laws.

What should I do if I am detained by casino security?

Always be respectful and cooperate with casino security. If you think that you’re being detained unfairly, talk to an attorney before speaking with any law enforcement officers.

What if I have already spoken to police?

You can still speak with an attorney about your rights and the situation before contesting anything in court.

What is Casino Security?

Security is a part of every organization’s operations. Whether it’s the government, a school, or a casino, there is always a need to maintain order and protect those who are present on the premises. When people hear the term “security,” they may think of police officers, but this is not always the case.

Which Casinos Can Hold and Detain You?

There aren’t any casinos in the United States that can detain you. However, the casinos in the Bahamas have the right to detain anyone who is inside the gaming area.
Europe’s casinos have varying levels of authority when it comes to detaining guests. Some can detain you for underage or intoxication, while others can detain you for playing with a large amount of money.


If you are detained by casino security, you should not try to leave the casino. In most cases, casino security is simply trying to find out if you have a gambling problem and want to offer help before it gets worse. If you refuse to be detained, casino security will likely call the police.

The police may arrest you for trespassing on casino property. Interviewing an individual is one of the ways that casino security can detain someone. Casino security wants to know whether you will be able to handle your money responsibly when gambling.

They also want to know if you have a gambling problem and if so, what kind of help you may need. If you are detained by casino security, it is important to cooperate and answer their questions truthfully. You should not try to leave the casino if you are detained.

You may be arrested for trespassing on casino property if you leave without permission or without complying with the orders of casino security. Casino security can detain someone for up to 30 minutes before they must release them or call the police.

In most cases, casino security is simply trying to find out if you have a gambling problem and want to offer help.

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