Can Gaming Help Tinnitus?

Can Gaming Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is an invisible condition that makes your ears ring. It can be persistent or come and go. Even though it’s not clear what causes it, there are ways to cope with it. Hence the question can gaming help tinnitus?

Tinnitus is common and affects around 20% of the general population. Listening to loud noises, waxing and waning in loudness, and a change in pitch are common characteristics of tinnitus.

Those who experience tinnitus often report playing video games as a teenager and finding it helped them cope with their symptoms. Even though the scientific evidence on gaming and tinnitus isn’t conclusive yet, some people report that playing video games helps relieve their symptoms.

In this article, we’ll explore when playing video games can help reduce tinnitus, how it can work, and which games can help you.

What is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an umbrella term for conditions where your ears ring or whistle. It can be constant or come and go. Before you get too concerned, though, note that it’s not the same as hearing loss. Hearing loss is an actual problem with your ears that causes you to temporarily lose your hearing.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for tinnitus. The best you can do is manage the symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no cure for tinnitus.

The best you can do is manage the symptoms. As annoying as it might be, tinnitus can be a blessing in disguise. It can be a wake-up call, forcing you to confront your stress, anxiety, and other unhealthy habits.

Tinnitus  is a sign that you need to cut back on your noise exposure and start a tinnitus treatment program.

Gaming and Tinnitus

There’s no doubt that gaming can be a fun and engaging way to spend time. But what about the potential health effects of gaming? One overlooked concern is that gaming may worsen tinnitus symptoms.

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When you play video games, you’re engaging in both cognitive and emotional activity. This cognitive and emotional activity can be stressful on your system, which can increase your tinnitus symptoms. Playing video games may also make it harder for you to relax and attend to your tinnitus.

Can Gaming Help Tinnitus?
Hearing aids

Playing Video Games Can Help Reduce Tinnitus?

Researchers have developed a computer game that they hope will bring relief. Researchers in the Netherlands played the computer game “Dyadic,” which was created specifically to treat tinnitus. In the game, you play a couple who must work together to find the cure for a disease.

The game uses positive emotions and images, which the researchers hope will help calm tinnitus patients. This could be a positive breakthrough if it succeeds. Other gaming ideas such as mobile games are being developed to try and treat it.

Does anything lessen tinnitus?

Tinnitus can’t be cured. But there are treatments that can help make your symptoms less noticeable. These include noise-blocking devices, meditation, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), sound therapy, and masking sounds.

Having a positive outlook, practicing relaxation techniques, and consuming antioxidants can help. In addition, making sure you get enough sleep and eating a healthy diet can help keep your tinnitus symptoms at bay.

Can gaming headsets give you tinnitus?

Headphones and earbuds do not cause tinnitus. They only let the sound in. Using them improperly, however, can definitely increase your chances of noise-induced hearing loss.

The most important thing to remember is to use headphones and earbuds safely. Don’t use them when doing activities like yardwork, lifting weights, or operating heavy machinery. And always keep them out of the reach of young children.

Can Gaming Help Tinnitus?
Gaming Headsets

How Playing Video Games Can Help With Tinnitus

Researchers think that the repetitive, rhythmic activity in video games may stimulate the brain in the auditory cortex. This is the part of the brain that processes sound.

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The increase in auditory cortical activity could then help reduce tinnitus symptoms. It could also be beneficial for other parts of the brain that are also affected by tinnitus.

This repetitive activity also helps you train your brain to ignore the ringing in your ears, which can make you feel less bothered by it.

Which Games Can Help With Tinnitus?

The question, of course, is which games? The answer is always the same: You have to try different games to see which ones work for you.

Don’t just play games that are similar to the ones you usually play. Switch it up and play a different game each day so you have something new to try out.

If you can, find a friend who shares your gaming interests, and take turns rotating who plays which game. This can help break up your gaming session, making it less likely that you’ll play for hours at a time.

How do you calm down tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. You can’t cure it, but you can treat it. The two most important things you can do to help manage your tinnitus are relax and retrain your brain.

Regular relaxation exercises and stress management can help you relax, reduce stress, and take better care of yourself. These techniques can help you calm down tinnitus, too.


Why does gaming help my tinnitus?

Most people think that playing video games helps with tinnitus because it stimulates your auditory system. In actuality, it may also help you train your auditory system to ignore the ringing in your ears, making you less bothered by it.

Does a fan help tinnitus?

Treatment of tinnitus is most common when a person has minimal hearing loss. One method to achieve this is with the use of a ceiling fan or oscillating fan in the bedroom, which produces white noise. Other sound generators include: tuning your radio into some static between stations which creates more “white noise”.

Can you wear headphones with tinnitus?

When people with Tinnitus use Earbuds, Earphones or IEMs, it can actually make the tinnitus worse. In-ear monitors (IEMs), also known as ear headphones sit directly in your ears canal and come with a decibel level of 110 dB. The pressure and near field from these drivers can aggravate their tinnitus!


The bottom line is that there’s no clear evidence that playing video games will help reduce your tinnitus. In fact, there’s some evidence that playing video games can make your tinnitus symptoms worse.

However, if you think playing video games is interfering with your work or social life, then you can try taking a break from gaming.

You can also try different video games to see which ones work for you. The most important thing is to try different strategies to relax and retrain your brain, which can help calm down tinnitus.

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