Can You Take Pictures in a Casino?

Can You Take Pictures in a Casino?

You might think that casinos are the last places on Earth you’d be able to take photographs. After all, what sort of images do you expect to capture in a place where gamblers go to escape from the world and its problems?

None, surely. But as it turns out, casinos make for perfect photo opportunities! And yes—you can take pictures. We tend to associate casinos with high stakes and secrecy but there are plenty of them that welcome visitors with open arms during the day and offer tours at other times.

Can You Take Pictures in a Casino? Casinos have modernized and now allow photography, with smartphones as the primary device.

When Can You Take Pictures in a Casino?

Some casinos are more open to visitors than others, but a good rule of thumb is that if you’re able to walk in without reservations, you’ll be able to take pictures of the casino floor and other parts of the casino. Keep in mind that gambling at a table is strictly prohibited when entering a casino and will result in security being called.

The best times for taking pictures in a casino are during tours and during the day. When it comes to tours, you should reach out in advance to get permission before taking pictures or recording video.

Many casinos offer tours with professional photographers and videographers who can provide great footage of your visit. Some even have an ‘experience photo’ option where they provide an image-ready picture for purchase in their gift shop, so that you don’t have to worry about finding someone outside the casino who can do it for you.

If you want to save money on your visit, you could take some photos while touring if they allow photography on the tour but if not, be prepared with a camera or phone with a zoom lens so that you can capture those memorable moments later on.

Tips for Taking Photos in a Casino

Casinos are an excellent choice for photographers. There’s a lot of beauty to be found when you’re not distracted by the gamble. If you want to take amazing photographs in a casino, here are some tips: -Find a quieter time slot.

Casinos have different hours of operation, so make sure you know what time is best for taking pictures. For example, late mornings are usually quieter than evenings, and some casinos offer tours that would be perfect for photography at other times.

-Take your tripod or monopod with you! This will help you get better shots without having to rely on things like tripods in the casino. Plus, it will ensure that you can take pictures from any angle.

-Bring your camera manual with you. You should always read your camera manual before taking it out on the field but this is even more important if you plan on taking pictures in a casino as there may not be any available light sources which mean relying on flash photography exclusively.

Exceptions to the Rule: Casinos Where Photography is Prohibited

It’s always important to check a casino’s policy on photography before taking pictures. There are some casinos that prohibit photography for security reasons, as well as those who ban it for aesthetic purposes.

However, the majority of casinos don’t prohibit photography and any that do will make this clear at the entrance.

Are Casinos Off-Limits for Photographers?

Casinos are hotbeds of activity and they’re surprisingly photogenic. You can capture scenes of joy and despair, the splendour of wealth and the desperation of the poor.

But are casinos off-limits for photographers? Well, that depends on the casino. Many of them offer tours during the day, where you can take your camera with you and snap away to your heart’s content.

The same is true for daytime visits where you’ll find plenty of people milling around outside or wandering through its halls looking at slot machines or other attractions. However, some casinos do prohibit photography at all times.

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If you want to take pictures in a casino, it’s important to ask permission first. Generally speaking, daytime visits are fine but if you want to photograph an event in a casino like a wedding or a party then you’ll need to contact management beforehand so they can give you permission.

Why Can’t You Take Pictures in a Casino?

Casinos are often dealing with high-stakes gambling, and some people find it unprofessional for them to have their photographs taken. One of the reasons is that a photo might show an individual’s cards or hands of a game.

Casinos also don’t want photos of themselves because they might feel that would be unprofessional. Another reason is privacy. You can take pictures in a casino, but if you see someone who does not want to be photographed, do not take pictures of them even if they’re alone.

Casinos also may forbid photography in certain parts of the casino because they are not finished renovations or are only open during the day. If you are at a table game and there is a sign prohibiting photography, abide by it.

Which Casinos Are Best for Photographing?

If you want to take photographs in a casino, it helps to know which ones are best. If you’re looking for a good free show, the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas is home to the famous Fountains of Bellagio that run every 15 minutes.

These spectacular fountains synchronize with music and light up at night for your viewing pleasure. One of the other popular casinos for pictures is The Venetian Hotel. This is because it has some seriously stunning architecture and artwork from Italy’s most famous artists like Canaletto, Titian, and Tintoretto.

If you visit Niagara Falls, then Casino Niagara might be worth exploring too as it has a picturesque backdrop of the falls on one side and the city on the other.

How to Take Photos in a Casino

Casinos are notoriously difficult to take photos in because many of them don’t allow cameras. If you want to get that perfect photo, there are a few little rules to remember.

1) Know the rules and regulations. Some casinos will prohibit photography entirely while others may require you to get permission from security or management before taking pictures.

2) Look for designated photo opportunities. Casinos will often have a designated area set up where photography is permitted. These areas can vary wildly in size, but they’re always worth checking out first.

3) Talk to the staff before you start snapping away. Sometimes security or management will ask for an explanation and some kind of compensation for taking pictures. This is usually done as a safety precaution since any photographs could potentially reveal sensitive information about the casino if they fell into the wrong hands.

4) Keep your camera at your side until you have the all-clear from security or management. They might be extra strict about photography on certain days like New Year’s Eve or when there are high stakes events happening within the casino.

5) Be respectful of other people who are gambling by not getting too close to their table or startling them with your camera flashes.

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What to Look Out For When Taking Pictures in a Casino

When you visit a casino, it’s important to keep in mind that there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do while taking photographs. You might think the rules don’t apply to you since you’re not gambling but they do.

It will be easier for you to take pictures by asking permission first, but if you don’t want to ask then make sure your photography doesn’t have any of the following characteristics:

– Pictures of people (unless they’re children)

– It may be best not to photograph chips, tokens or other gaming equipment unless given permission

– Try not to take flash photographs

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Which Casinos Allow Photo Taking?

The truth is that not all casinos will allow you to take pictures. So, before you head out, be sure to find out which casinos allow photography and which ones do not. Additionally, casino management will usually have a clear policy regarding taking photographs. And this is what you need to check before your visit. You might decide against going if the rules are too strict.

Some casinos are more lenient when it comes to photography. The Bellagio, for example, has a strict no-photo policy and will not let guests take pictures inside the casino, but you can take photos of the front of the building during the day.

The Tropicana allows guests to take pictures on their property as long as they don’t have cameras with a lens longer than 4 inches. Mandalay Bay also accepts photography on their property but warns against taking photos in their rooms or near gaming areas.

The Freemont Street Experience is open to camera use and only asks that you respect other guests by not photographing them without permission and avoiding capturing sensitive information.

While accommodations may vary from casino to casino, there are plenty of opportunities for taking memorable photos outside at various attractions nearby.

Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bellagio Las Vegas is a popular casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It was established on October 15, 1998 and has 3,933 rooms with a total of 4,021 suites.

You can take pictures inside the Bellagio Las Vegas as long as you don’t take photos from inside certain areas since the casino hosts private events where images could be leaked.

Casino at the Venetian and Sands

If you visit the Venetian and Sands casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, you’ll find that photography is permitted inside the casino if it’s not done on the gambling floor. Visitors can take photos of people playing slot machines and other games, but they’re not allowed to take photos of anyone at a craps table or blackjack table.

Casinos are glamorous locations with rich history, luxurious interiors, and a carefree spirit. A first visit to a casino can be overwhelming with all the lights and sounds of clinking chips, ringing bells, bleeping machines, and people laughing. But how does one capture this experience in a single photo?

And as for most public spaces, taking pictures inside casinos is generally not allowed. The rules tend to vary from casino to casino. However there are plenty of exceptions where photography is permitted – mainly when you’re allowed to take photos on the premises but not inside specific areas:

Some hotel cathedrals and other large public spaces such as centers often have “no photography” policies because they host private events where images could be leaked.

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

One such exception is in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino located in the heart of Las Vegas. The casino’s website states, “we don’t mind you taking pictures outside our hotel or inside our lobby and casino floor, but no photos are allowed in any of our private rooms or areas where there’s a private event.”

So, what does that mean for your next photo shoot? Well, it all depends on the space. If you’re not sure whether photography is allowed, it might be best to contact the establishment beforehand to avoid an unpleasant experience.

The Mirage and MGM Grand

Casino A general rule of thumb is that you can take photos in any public space, but not inside specific areas. The Mirage and MGM Grand Casino illustrate this well. At the Mirage, photography is allowed in the lobby and casino, but not in the chapel or pool area.

At MGM Grand, photography is banned in the casino and theater. If you want to capture images inside a casino and avoid any backlash from security staff, your best option is to visit during daylight hours when people are on the premises but rooms are not in use.

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Wynn and Encore Hotel Casino

One popular casino is the Wynn and Encore Hotel Casino. The Wynn and Encore share a common hotel lobby, but once you are inside of one, you cannot access the other.

However, they do share the same pool deck and gardens. Visitors who want to take photos in the exterior spaces are permitted to do so without any restrictions.

Exceptions Where You’re Allowed to Take Pictures

The following are examples of exceptions where photography is permitted:

1. Casinos on Indian reservations – The rules tend to vary from casino to casino, so it is important to check the website or call before visiting any of these establishments.

2. Casinos in Macau – Photography is not allowed in gambling areas, but visitors can take pictures of anything outside the casino area.

3. Casinos in Atlantic City – Photos are allowed after sunset and before sunrise.

4. Casinos in Reno – Pictures are allowed at any time as long as they’re not taken inside a gaming area or a slot machine area and they don’t display the dealer’s hand while playing cards or dealing chips.


Can I take pictures in a casino?

Yes. You will have to get permission before taking any photos of the games themselves (and you should also be respectful of other guests who might not want their picture taken). But casinos are happy for you to take photographs on the premises and there’s plenty to see. Visitors can admire the architecture, explore the various art installations and marvel at the ornate details that make these buildings so unique.

Is there a dress code for casinos?

Casinos are traditionally pretty relaxed when it comes to dress code. You might see people wearing jackets and ties or jeans and t-shirts. It’s common to see people wearing suits at the high stakes tables. But if you’re starting out on your visit to the casino, you don’t need to bring anything fancy with you.

Which Casinos Are Best for Photographing?

Casinos can vary in terms of what they’re catering to, which means the best casino for photography could also be one of the most surprising options. For instance, if you have a specific interest in architecture and design then you might want to visit New York’s famous Guggenheim Museum or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house.

Are Casinos Off-Limits for Photographers?

Casinos are not off-limits for photographers.

What are the chances of taking pictures in a casino?

You could take pictures during daytime hours, as long as you’re not interfering with any other guests or the activities of the casino. You may also be able to take pictures if you visit casinos that offer tours to visitors.


In our first installment of our series, we’ll be looking at the casinos in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a long-standing reputation as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

The casinos in Las Vegas offer everything from gaming tables to slot machines to live shows. While there are many casinos in this city, it is important to be familiar with the casinos that allow photography.

There are a few casinos that allow photography, so you’re in luck. Just make sure you’re familiar with the rules before you start snapping away. Some casinos are more lenient than others, but most require you to be on a guided tour for the chance to take photos.

There are also some exceptions where you’re allowed to take pictures. For example, at Wynn and Encore Hotel Casino, you’re allowed to take pictures in the lobby and casino if you have a reservation and are wearing appropriate attire.

If you have any other questions about taking pictures in a casino, don’t hesitate to call ahead of time to find out the rules before you show up.

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