Do gaming glasses work?

Do gaming glasses work?

Gamers are a passionate bunch. When we find something that excites us, we tend to immerse ourselves completely. Some gamers go above and beyond by cosplaying as their favorite game characters, streaming themselves while they play, or even going so far as to tattoo their gamer tags on their bodies. One essential item today is having gaming glasses but Do gaming glasses work?

Excessive screen time can cause eye strain and other effects, which can be reduced by gaming glasses. Then there are the gamers that take things one step further and invest in gaming glasses. These futuristic-looking spectacles promise to heighten your game-playing experience through augmented reality, improved color recognition, and an enhanced field of view.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Let’s find out.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses are a relatively new invention, being invented in Japan in 2012. They’re fitted with a miniature display that sits on your nose and projects an image of the game onto your retina.

This gives you an augmented reality experience when it comes to playing games while sitting down, and some manufacturers claim they can even improve your vision.

How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

There are two primary ways that gaming glasses work: 1) Gaming glasses provide a wider field of view. 2) Gaming glasses use augmented reality technology to create an immersive gaming experience.

Benefits of Steering Clear of Gaming Glasses

While gaming glasses have their benefits, they may not be the best option for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why you should steer clear of them:

  • 1) Cost – Although prices vary greatly depending on whether you buy a more expensive model or decide to buy used, gaming glasses are typically an expensive investment. If you have already invested in a high-end gaming computer and other expensive accessories, this cost could make it difficult to justify the cost of adding gaming glasses.
  • 2) Appearance – Gaming glasses don’t look very stylish at all. In fact, they can make your face look really long and weird! That’s not exactly the look that we want when out at a party or with friends and family members.
  • 3) Bulky – Gaming glasses are bulky to wear. They require a lot of room on your face which can be uncomfortable when wearing them for long periods of time without any breaks.
  • 4) Accuracy – While there is no consensus on whether gaming glasses actually improve accuracy during gameplay, many gamers report that they don’t think it makes much difference in terms of accuracy.
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Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses

Augmented reality glasses are a new form of gaming accessory that promises to enhance your experience by adding animations into the mix. However, it seems like these glasses have been around for years. (Nintendo’s 3DS has offered this tech for some time now.)

The difference with AR glasses over the DS is that they are more immersive and offer a more natural perspective. When you wear these glasses, the game will seem like it’s coming from your view while you play.

Color Recognition Gaming Glasses

One of the most popular types of gaming glasses is the color recognition set. These glasses are designed to boost your color-sensing abilities and allow you to distinguish between different shades that might not be noticeable without the use of these glasses.

This can be useful for gamers who want to take their skills to the next level by being able to quickly identify certain enemies that are camouflaged in their surroundings.

Field of View Gaming Glasses

One of the most common features of gaming glasses is the enhanced field of view. It’s designed to give gamers a wider and deeper range of vision while they play games. This feature has been met with mixed reviews. There are some who find this feature a welcome addition, while others find it distracting.

Pros of Using Gaming Glasses

The main benefit of gaming glasses is improved color recognition. Gaming glasses are designed to make colors more vivid, which can help you distinguish between enemies and allies more easily. The increased field of view also helps improve gameplay by making it easier to spot your enemies before they spot you.

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Cons of Using Gaming Glasses

If you’ve been researching gaming glasses, you may have already found out that there are a few downsides to them. Investing in a pair of glasses that promise an enhanced experience might be worth it if they weren’t pricey. Gaming glasses range from $300-$500.

In addition, some gamers say the glasses impair their field of view or make certain games unplayable.

How to Find the Best Gaming Glasses

When looking to buy gaming glasses, you’ll find a number of different features offered by different companies. Some of the most common features are anti-reflective coating, anti-glare coating, glare-free lenses, and prescription. For some gamers, prescription glasses might be necessary.

For example, if you have astigmatism or if your vision is changing with age. If so, then prescription gaming glasses can make it easier to play your favorite games. Plus, they will lessen eye strain and dryness when gaming for an extended period of time.


There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of gaming glasses. The glasses are marketed to help prevent headaches, neck and back pain, and eye strain while playing video games. However, they are expensive and not always the most comfortable option.

According to the reviews, some people found the glasses to be helpful in reducing their gaming symptoms, while many others noted that they did not notice any difference. In a time when gaming-related eye damage is becoming more and more common, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of using gaming glasses before making a decision.